Thursday, May 6, 2010

A Desirable Future Depends Entirely on Effective Leaders

The domain of leadership is in creating desirable futures for themselves and those who support them.  It is a completely unselfish act, devoid of ego needs and desire to create a favorable self-image.

Leaders are grounded in personal core values and are consciously aware of who they are in explicit terms, thereby being guided by conscience and aiming to live a life that conscienteously serves needs of others.  This grounding becomes a foundation for behavior and an energy source to build will to step up to the challenges of leadership.  Effective leadership NEVER occurs as a result of appointment, position, force of authority, or certification.  Leaders because of core values they stand on, are called to respond to leadership voids they believe are right for them to fulfill.

The future is created out of a void and involves a journey into unknown territory.  Because of this principle, leaders must stand firm on core values such that others have faith and trust in their process, they maintain credibility in any situation, and do not wobble or retreat in the face of adversity.  Core values also restrain leaders from taking foolish risks or placing others at peril, because the mark of an effective leader is an objective assessment of degree of skill required to successfully engage a particular situation.

Managers, supervisors and bosses operate in the present and at times in the past.  No matter how well they are grounded in core values, their process is incapable of pruposefully creating the future.

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