Saturday, May 8, 2010


  • Effective leadership depends on understanding who leaders are and what they do.
  • Understanding anything reuires learning from own experience by reflecting on previous experience or learning from conscious involvement in new experience.
  • Learning from peers, trust in own experience, and reducing teacher dependency are elements of a learning process that promotes understanding.  Conversely, intensive pursuit of knowledge via leadership training is insufficient and can be a barrier to understanding.
  • Pace of my approach to leadership development will be managed to allow for understanding to develop.
  • Effective leading is never a "lone wolf" process and is exponentially increased in impact when partnered with like minded individuals, focused on high priority work.
  • Leadership development is an open ended process, requiring support by partner leaders, and capable internal and external professionals skilled and experienced in the process of learning to understand.
These principles guide my approach to developing leaders and have produced a 100% success rate.

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